Spring King Sublime Pocket 1000 Mattress -

£ 129.95
The Spring King Sublime Pocket 1000 Mattress is handmade luxury and has pocket springs delivering a higher degree of individual body support than your average sprung mattress This Spring King mattress is complete with a modern Belgian damask cover and is hand tufted for added comfort and support The luxurious medium feel mattress uses a pocket spring unit of 1000 springs and has a high quality hypoallergenic cover comprising of various layers of polyesterThe Pocket Sprung unit featured in the Spring King Sublime Pocket 1000 Mattress offers ultimate support This mattress has been designed showing the benefits of a pocket spring unit at a competitive price Each pocket spring is individually encased within a cotton pocket allowing the springs to work independently of each other and provide unique support This type of spring unit provides support across the entire mattress but will offer maximum support where weight is distributed It will also prevent any roll together when two people share the bedThe mattress is Hypoallergenic and hand tufted Its properties mean that the mattress is suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers alike and will ensure a healthy nights sleep every night As a hand tufted mattress it contains tufts which link through the mattress pulling all of the fillings together from top to bottom creating a more firm and supportive mattressThis mattress must be turned to keep the fillings intact and even across the whole mattress Also featured are breather vents to allow air to flow freely through the mattress keeping it fresh all year round